The Hashimoto’s Solution open letter to husbands

The Hashimoto’s Solution letter to husbands of those with Hashimoto’s

Dear Husband,

First of all, if you are taking the time to read this (even if under duress) The Hashimoto’s Solution thanks you! That tells me you really love your wife, and you want to make her happy and try to understand what she is going through.

Let me start by telling you the TRUTH about this disease, something her Dr.’s Endocrinologists, specialists etc. aren’t saying out loud. Why? Many don’t know, nor do they care to get more educated on the topic. Many don’t want to mess with it and instead would give a prescription and move on to the next patient.

In a nutshell: Hashimoto’s or Thyroid disease is AUTOIMMUNE, what does this mean? It means her body is attacking itself. There is a war inside, and the immune system has lost track of the good guys vs the bad guys, so all bets are off. The immune system is now attacking anything it wants to because it doesn’t know better – things like the thyroid, the brain, the joints and muscles, the nervous system.
One autoimmune disease ALMOST ALWAYS leads to another, and they pile on until the person is pretty much unable to function well at all. The autoimmune disease also drastically increases the risk of cancer – again because the immune system here is broken.

What are you seeing?

You see a woman who is trying to hold it together on a daily, even hourly basis. She HAS to go to work, take care of kids, try to take care of the house and shopping and dinner, etc. Maybe at this point, you are picking up the slack, and now you are going to work full time AND doing ½ of the duties around the house too?
You see a woman that is feeling pretty lousy about herself. She is embarrassed for her weight she can’t lose even though she tries. Her hair is falling out, and she no longer feels pretty. Guess what THAT means? That means she doesn’t have ANY and I mean NO desire for sex with you. It ‘sIt’s nothing against you at all, in fact, she loves you, and adores you and is still attracted to you but her body isn’t what it once was, and she would rather SLEEP than even think about sex. (by the way, all of that is 100% fixable)

You see your beloved wracked with GUILT because what she WANTS to do and what she CAN do are entirely different. She wants to participate in life, make money, have some hobbies, be PRESENT with you and the kids, and grandkids, but she is an empty shell. She is exhausted, dragging, in pain, and feeling hopeless. She is feeling hopeless because her Dr.’s kept saying “your thyroid numbers are fine!” or “I think you are depressed” or “you need to eat less and exercise more”.

All of that is making her feel shame, embarrassed, and frustrated because she knows her own body. She KNOWS something is very WRONG and that there MUST be an answer, but she isn’t getting one. She probably hasn’t really shared much about her daily struggle with you because she doesn’t want to burden you. You do so much for the family, and besides, she is worried you will think she is complaining or crazy.
Imagine for one minute that you wake up, and you have 30 pounds of bricks tied to each leg, and you have to function with that load. And if you get up too quickly you feel like you have to hold on to walls to steady yourself – and imagine putting a fog machine inside your head making your thoughts and thinking fuzzy, now do that day in and day out – fun times, eh? That is HOW SHE FEELS EVERY DANG DAY!!!

The Hashimoto's SOlution quoteDoes she still look beautiful to you? Sure! Does she ACT sick? Nope. Does she even LOOK sick? Not at all. Husbands, YOUR WIFE IS SICK. WAKE UP!!! This disease can devastate. I’ve seen it over and over and it’s because we as women push everything under the rug until it ‘sit’s too late.
We have to function, so we do. But this is a ticking time bomb. She is just waiting for the hammer to drop and BAM now it’s Lupus, or BAM now is Multiple Sclerosis, or BAM Thyroid Cancer. I’m saying this not to scare, but to inform because people don’t know this information.

What does your wife need?

If she is asking you to read this, if she is asking you to LET her get the help she needs, please understand she is trying to save her own life here. There aren’t ANY solutions or answers to this in the conventional medicine world. They don’t exist. It ‘sIt’s a matter of her taking her health into her own hands, making changes, doing a dozen steps, in the right order and tailored for HER body with expert help and guidance– and she can begin to heal.

It will take time. It won’t be easy. There is no such thing as a magic pill.
I URGE you to let HER decide what the next best step is. If she knows she has found help and wants to take it, then SUPPORT HER!!
Yes, it will cost some money – less than ONE VACATION! You’ve probably spent more on golf clubs, or hunting rifles, or cars that you don’t need. You can skip ONE vacation for a lifetime of future fantastic vacations with a happy sexy wife!
She NEEDS help. Move heaven and earth and make sure she gets it, if you say “no”” she will respect that, but you are sentencing her to a broken body with no hope of getting it fixed. She would sell her soul if the tables were reversed.
I know because my husband had cancer three years ago – we had to pay over 20k out of pocket to save his life. I would do it again tomorrow. My kids have their daddy, and I have my husband – what people don’t understand is that autoimmune disease is just as serious and devastating.

I know she looks “fine.””
As both a woman who has this disease and as a Dr. who has helped thousands with it through The Hashimoto’s Solution – SHE ISN’T Fine.

Submitted by: Dr. Karen Cross FNP, MSN, ND – The Hashimoto’s Solution


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October 10, 2019

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    Yes me and my daughter needs help


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