Open letter to America and Nancy Pelosi about COVID-19

Open letter to America and Nancy Pelosi.

from Federico Vazquez of Gaithersburg, MD 20878

The covid-19 has taken control over our lives because we have not been disciplined. There is no need of reset buttons or go back to lockdowns. The covid-19 is an invisible enemy and we do not know why is wide spread transmitted. We know that is transmitted from direct contact from person to person thru the eyes, nose or mouth. We know that are people pre symptomatic that transmit the virus after 5 days that is infected. We know that asymptomatic people are highly contagious and transmit the virus to many people and they do not even know. We know that when people talk, sings breath, cough, sneeze, they transmit the virus. The virus does not distinguish between political affiliation, race, age, religion, sex.

Unfortunately people that live in crowded conditions is more susceptible to get the virus. People that interact more frequently with other people is also susceptible to get the virus. People with weak immune systems or with other disease are also susceptible to get the virus. Charles Darwin described the process in the survival of the fittest (Origin of the species). It is not my purpose to lecture anyone. Everybody knows what to do. There is no need to blame someone else or to fault the government. John F Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. Unfortunately we live in a two party system where they lack cooperation and desire to resolve the problems. I just going to emphasize the common approach that everybody needs to follow.

  1. Use mask when you are outside. Although the best masks are N95, any mask will help to stop the spread of the virus. The mask is not only for the people that is sick, it is for everyone.
  2. Social distance more than six feet. Although the super-spreaders are able to infect people more than six feet apart. Hopefully, there are not many super-spreaders that can infect everyone around.
  3. Everyone needs to breath but you can avoid to pass too close to any person.
  4. Stop talking all the time, many people with cell phones talk outside all the time. Avoid all this talking. Talk over the phone when it is essential.
  5. Do not sing in close spaces. Although is some places it looks safe, it is not.
  6. Do not eat inside of a restaurant. You never know if the ventilation is appropriate. You will eventually get infected if you eat inside a restaurant. Eat outside if you want to eat in a restaurant.
  7. Do not got to the bars, this is the easiest place to get infected. Buy the drink and eat at your home and use zoom if you want to talk with your buddies.
  8. Watch your hands frequently. As many times as you can.
  9. Do not ouch your face. It is not necessary to touch your face, sometime is involuntary but it is not necessary.
  10. Clean all the surfaces from your home regularly. You can use wipes or pyridoxine.
  11. Avoid close places. You can practice Zumba from the comfort of your home. You can exercise from your home too. Obviously, you need to eat and need to go to the grocery store. Keep safe

This is a shared effort. There are not exceptions. As long as some people do not do it, it will take more time to defeat the virus. The American people have overcome more difficult situations. The covid-19 can be beaten now. Let’s do it.

Federico Vazquez

Gaithersburg, MD 20878
United States


Posted on

August 20, 2020

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