Open Letter for Retail Worker (Letter)

Dear Customer, Yes, I am deeply sorry that you are upset. I’m sure your latte, meal, clothing item, gym time, what have you, is very important. Far more important than human decency. I completely understand that you are frustrated and I will absolutely work tirelessly to get you what you want after just screaming at me in front of a bunch of people. WORST Customer Service Calls In all seriousness, I know what it feels like to be frustrated by someone in customer service. We are all people and we are all consumers. However, in my experience, far too many people have decided to take out their grievances on innocent part-time employees. I have worked in customer service all across the board. From food service, to child care, to receptionist. I have been the face of many companies and a majority of the time enjoy doing it. However, everyone has bad days, and bad days in customer service meant being the end of someone’s frustration. In times like those, when I am being yelled at about something I can’t control, I always wonder if that person has every had to work a customer service job. Because with my experience, I would never treat an employee of a grocery store, or restaurant the way I have been treated at such jobs. There are things that these people must not know about working in customer service. We have no intention of making you angry or ruining your day. Believe me, a day when I can avoid people being mean to me is what I strive for. Treating me like I have some personal vendetta for you will not help in any situation. We are trying everything we can do to ratify the situation. If it is something along the line such as an unexpected closing or out of a certain item, it is safe to say plenty of other people have already voiced their concerns and your comments are really not helping. Again, customer service employees are motivated by getting things done for other people. It is their entire job. If there was something they could do, they would have already done it. We often are not at fault for whatever is bothering you. I personally have never been responsible for an outage of a food item in the restaurant, therefore, I believe I should not be blamed for it. There are plenty of pieces that go into any problem that you receive and yelling at the first person you see is not helping you or them. Kindness from your end is more likely to receive kindness from us. I know I personally am always much more eager to help the customer who has nicely voiced her concerns rather than the person who repeatedly insulted me for my incompetence. Most importantly, when you become frustrated, take a second to think about what you are really mad about. What is it that has upset you? How can I go about fixing it? Will yelling at the part-time, high school employee going to help? These are all great things to think about before taking out all your unprocessed feelings out on someone else. People have this funny way of making people who work in customer service out to somehow be less than human. I know there are times when you are frustrated and you are pissed off because something in your life is not going as you like it. However, that gives you no right to ruin someone else’s day. Treat your customer service people with respect! They are working hard enough for you; it is the least you can do.


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July 30, 2019

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