Jamie Fan Wei Zhi Response

False link of Jamie Fan Wei Zhi to An Unrelated Case, Also Not Involving Healthway Medical Corporation

This response is published by Jamie Fan Wei Zhi in relation to the false and misleading blog (“the Fake Blog”) by an anonymous blogger writing under the pseudonym of “Kiamhenglui” who has been habitually publishing fake news and who is likely to be the same individual maliciously publishing similar fake news under different pseudonyms and unofficial private blogspots.

The Fake Blog attempts to link Jamie Fan to the recent High Court decision in the case involving an alleged loan by several Crest Entities to International Healthway Corporation (currently known as OUE Lippo Healthcare). The link provided clearly states that it is “The Enterprise Fund III Ltd and others v OUE Lippo Healthcare Ltd (formerly known as International Healthway Corp Ltd)”.

Neither Jamie Fan Wei Zhi, Healthway Medical Corporation, Shanghai Wei Yi Shi Ye nor Yang Zheng were parties in this case and the Court’s decision makes absolutely no findings against them in relation to section 76 of the Companies Act. It is also noted that the legal representative of Shanghai Wei Yi Shi Ye is not Jamie Fan Wei Zhi. Any reference to Healthway Medical Corporation and Wei Yi Shi Ye has been clarified by Healthway Medical Corporation in its company announcement on 30 July 2018 and can be found on the SGX website here. For further information, you can also refer to this statement.

Readers are to note that the High Court decision referenced is completely unrelated to any of the parties mentioned. The intention and action of doing so is highly suspect and attempts to fool readers who are unfamiliar with the High Court case reference into thinking that Jamie Fan is a party.

Readers of the Fake Blog are advised to disregard the allegations given the malicious nature of the same and the outright lies upon which it is premised.


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August 24, 2020

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