Auto Connection Manassas VA Reviews Signals of Animal Abuse

Auto Connection Manassas VA Reviews Signs of Animal Cruelty 

auto connection manassas reviews animal abuse signalsAnimal abuse occurs all over the world, in all types of communities. During COVID-19 and lockdown, the abuse of animals has significantly increasedEarly 2020 this was due to people being afraid of their pets transmitting the virus. But now it is also clear that the increase in domestic abuse also increased animal abuse. Car dealer, Auto connection Manassas VA reviews that family pets are often a part of the domestic abuse cycle. Harms against animals rise as households face escalating tensions because of restrictions and lockdown. 

But before and after COVID, animal abuse has always taken place through dogfighting, puppy farms, animal hoarding, mega-farms, horse slaughter, racing, and cockfighting. According to Auto Connection Manassas VA, the reported cases of animal abuse are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds or even thousands of incidents of cruelty that go unreported. Individuals carry out devastating and gruesome attacks on animals, each domestic and stray. With over 70%, most reported animals abused are dogs. Cats follow with almost 21%.

Every day, countless animals are mistreated in different ways. Auto Connection Manassas VA reviews signals for people to recognize and fight animal torture to counter this abuse.

Auto Connection Manassas VA reviews Indicators of Abuse

Torture can take lots of different forms, varying from unintended negligence due to the absence of knowledge or resources all the way up to and including deliberate viciousness such as dogfighting. To determine if abuse occurs, it is crucial to look at pets’ behavior and their surroundings. Aggressive, shy, and fearful behavior may appear for many reasons other than abuse. For example, a pet that is being proactively treated for a medical condition may look unwell at the start of their recovery process. The signs below will help you decide if the pet( s) you’ve seen might be victims of torture or negligence.

What to look for

▪ The collar in the animal’s neck is fastened so tight that it is leading to a wound

▪ Open wounds, traces of several healed wounds, or a chronic issue or ailment that is not attended to

▪ Untreated skin conditions that led to hair loss, scaly skin, bumps or breakouts

▪ Flea, tick, or other external infestation in the fur

▪ Patches of rugged skin rashes

▪ Signs of deficient grooming, such as matt fur, disordered nails, unclean coat

▪ Limping or the inability to wander or stand normally

▪ Severe physical weakness

▪ Intense discharge from the eyes or nose

▪ Seen beating or other signals of physical abuse

▪ Apparent signs of confusion or extreme sleepiness

▪ Pets that are visibly too skinny

▪ Pets that appear aggressively to their owners and other people.

Auto Connection Manassas VA reviews and advises everybody to keep an eye on these indications and report animal abuse as soon as possible. There is no doubt that courts and legal officials need to take charges more seriously and be much more strict on repeat offenders.

It is time we started looking out for our furry family members because they don’t have a voice. If you know of any mistreated animals close to you but don’t know what to do, get in touch with Auto Connection.

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October 22, 2020

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