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If your business is within the online environment, you’ve dealt with a troll. If you have not, you will. Nearly all online companies do at some point. The JT Foxx Dream Team also deals with online defamation and slander all the time. Some go as far as calling the coaching events a JT Foxx scam, even though some of the events are free. But JT dealt with all these allegations and now wants to help other business owners who deal with online attacks. If you intend to keep your internet credibility intact and create a growing internet following that gets along, then you need to handle trolls properly. 

Ways to deal with online attacks

Establish a Plan
When handling online attacks, the initial step is to develop a plan for user comments. These plans ought to clearly detail what kind of comments are allowed and should be explained on your website and social media sites accounts.

Disregard Attackers
Trolls desire recognition. They wish to get you upset, annoyed or uncomfortable. Regardless of how tough it could be, just disregarding a troll is sometimes the best solution. When they do not get a response, they’ll more than likely vanish. In fact, the Pew Research Center found that 60% of participants chose to ignore the internet harassment. 

Make Let Light of the Circumstance
The JT Foxx Dream Team sometimes uses humor as the most effective method to handle trolls. For example, a grocery chain in the United Kingdom used humor to fight trolls after an unsatisfied client reported that they had acquired poultry that tasted “like it was beaten to death by Hulk Hogan.” The brand replied by using a metaphor, along with an apology. This was effective since the brand engaged the unhappy consumer in a laid-back manner.

JT Foxx states, “When you minimize a troll’s message, you simultaneously recognize and defuse the situation.”

Don’t Offer the Troll a Platform
If you to host your own web site, you don’t have to approve offending remarks. You can delete these remarks or restrict members. You can also pick to “disable commenting from your posts to prevent trolling completely.” However, the only issue with this is that while you’re avoiding trolls, you’re also stopping discussions amongst your online community.

Hire Moderators or Monitoring Tools
If you can afford it, you may wish to take into consideration working with a team of moderators to monitor activity on your website, blog or forum. These moderators have the power to accept or eliminate improper remarks.

Produce a Unified Online Community
When you have a loyal online community, you might not have to stress much about trolls because the participants will check themselves. Additionally, when a troll does appear, your online community might take matters right into their own hands and push the trolls away themselves.

However, “if your supporters aren’t well trained in the troll-battling arts” things can spiral out of control swiftly. So be sure to keep an eye on your troops as they besieged an attacking troll”, the JT Foxx Dream Team warns.

Pay attention
Listen to what is being stated regarding your brand. If the internet troll is really simply a customer complaining, recognize the distinction and listen. Often people simply wish to be listened to. Hear them, try to assist, and they’ll generally thank you publicly.

Fight Back With the Truth
If you are the target of rumors or misinformation being spread by trolls, you may wish to resist with the truth. After ignoring the defaming statements for a relatively long time, he decided to take this approach. He gave answers to all allegations by sharing The Truth About JT Foxx.

Another benefit that comes with this approach is that when people ask you about an allegation, you can refer them to a website. It also makes the allegations look less believable because of your own transparency. 

Fix Mistakes
If a troll mentions an error you have made, then you should explore it. Take the appropriate improvements, and admit that you were wrong. 

Allow the person who wrote the complaint know you have actually remedied a mistake and discuss what you did. A lot of times you’ll never hear from the person again. However, the JT Foxx Dream Team assures you that the person is going to appreciate that he heard directly from a firm representative and didn’t have to dig his way through customer service.

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