Open letter to Ms. Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland Re: COVID-19 Restrictions

29 September, 2020.

Dear Ms. Sanna Marin,

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I am addressing you as the most reasonable leader of the country. I am far from politics, but there is a sense that it was largely through your involvement that Finland managed to avoid the soaring escalation of panic and inadequate measures caused by the new virus and peculiar for most other countries of the world. Thank you so much for that!

Having discovered the very fact of the existence of viruses and having revealed their damaging action leading to disease, a man declared a Holy War on them. But if one looks at the global prevalence of viruses, their damaging effects should be considered the exception rather than the norm. In fact, we and the nature around us are replete with viruses, but even during epidemics caused, for instance, by polioviruses, no more than one or two people out of a hundred thousand falls sick, and most of these diseases are fairly mild.

Thus, a kind of paradox occurs – we pay focused attention to only those exceptional cases when a meeting with a virus turns into a disease. The rest of the meetings seem to be of no interest to us.

Isn’t it amazing that ”parasites” and ”killers” are ubiquitous: in our bodies, the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe, but life not only fails to disappear but is successfully developing, progressing, evolving? So maybe the role of viruses in the biosphere is not limited exclusively to the satanic role of the disease-causing agent?

Viruses are vital to the survival of humanity as a whole. They provide living organism adaptation to environmental changes. If you remove some viruses that have been with us for thousands of years (for instance, by vaccination or excessive disinfection), other viruses take their place, and it is not necessarily true that they will be less morbid (think back to the recent outbreaks of viruses that came to humans from birds and animals, as well as hospital-acquired infections).

About two kilograms of different microorganisms, including even tetanus bacillus, live in the intestinal tract of each person. These microbial ”tribes” are in different relationships with each other, some are friends, others are enemies. For instance, the influenza virus and the coronavirus are at odds with each other, but herewith the former is naturally stronger. Where there is a lot of flu, there is a little coronavirus.

Since 1996, large-scale influenza vaccination campaigns have been initiated without taking into account the above-mentioned. As a result, we managed to defeat the influenza virus. The flu has practically disappeared, whereas acute respiratory disease mortality has increased, especially in those countries where influenza vaccination was the most widespread (for instance, in Southern Europe).

This poses the question – why do people die if the flu has gone? It is logical to assume that coronaviruses have occupied the vacated territory. At first, these were SARS, MERS, which had a mortality rate of 30-50 percent. Now they have been supplanted, fortunately, by SARS-CoV-2. Fortunately – because it is low pathogenic, the lethality constitutes only the units of percentage.

Why do some people fall sick while others stay healthy? It is a matter of immunity and the body ability to resist aggression. Immunity, in its turn, is highly dependent on the psyche. In a state of fear, panic, sorrow, hopelessness, the immune system tends to weaken. A kind of psychogenic AIDS occurs.

Most of us are healthy virus carriers, and there is nothing to worry about. Hence the conclusion – there is neither patient zero nor sense in total isolation. The virus is among us, it is everywhere.

Humanity is now in panic and acting impulsively. The world is engulfed in a panic attack, depriving a reasonable assessment of what is happening. Fear came upon the whole world with great speed. This happens for the first time and is associated with those opportunities that modern communication means provide when one can turn all of humanity into a collective brain in one day and either bring it to a state of social optimism, a sublime, joyful feeling, or vice versa, immerse in a state of fear, panic and despair that we observe now.

Mass testing for coronavirus is making its negative contribution as well. All tests used are indirect, and give a significant number of false positive results (especially rapid tests). An increase in the number of tests inevitably leads to a false rise in the incidence rate on paper. Only a study with an electron microscope can reliably detect the presence of this or that virus, but such studies are too expensive, time-consuming and are carried out only in Scientific Research Laboratories. Thus, it turns out that large-scale testing only engenders unreliable figures.

Requirements to wear masks, practice social distancing, etc. are not only anti-biological and inhuman, but tend to worsen the situation, much to the delight of transnational giants and pharmaceutical companies. It’s so profitable to first intimidate people with enemies-viruses and enemies-bacteria, and then offer a miracle pill. As a result, the rich get richer again and the poor get poorer. Instilled panic causes immunity decrease resulting in the outbreak of infectious diseases, increased alcohol and drug abuse, and a rise in crime.

A vicious circle arises: restrictive measures (lockdown) cause an increase in incidence rate due to enhanced fear (psychosomatic factor), whereas an increase in incidence rate, in its turn, justifies the introduction of new restrictive measures, and so on.

Who came up with the idea that the world is dangerous? It is a good position to control slaves: ”We keep you safe and you keep your head down”. But the proposed safety is also imaginary, as the inadequate measures taken worsen the economic situation, causing indirect diseases associated with a lack of confidence in the future, as well as the division of people (what it is like to see a biological threat in all comers!). But indirect losses are no longer counted.

A hallmark of social consciousness manipulation is the search for an enemy. In this particular case, the next virus (one of the thousands), which has occupied the vacant ecological niche, and unconscious citizens who have adjoined it and who refuse to adhere to anti-biological and inhumane recommendations of the corrupted WHO, are declared enemies.

The world is safe and fair – otherwise we would not have been born for many thousands of years. It’s just that safety and justice should be understood slightly broader – this is not just sitting at home in front of the refrigerator and the TV with masks and gloves. This is a cognition of the world, communication, emotions, physical contact. The distortion of social binds is much more detrimental to mental and, as a result, physical health. People should not be afraid of each other!

I call on you to stop this epidemic of fear. Anyone who threatens people with viruses and calls for restrictive measures should understand that he is not the savior of humanity, but a criminal. Of course, someone does this on purpose, but I don’t want to fall into conspiracy theories now. The rest simply fail to bethink themselves in due time and are sincerely ready to exchange their freedom for imaginary safety. At such a moment, the time comes for a responsible leader of the state to neither give way to panic nor be ruled by fear.

I also urge you to suspend funding to WHO, and initiate an investigation into activities and ulterior interests of its director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, one of the leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF, which is listed in the Global Terrorism Database by US Homeland Security), and his ties with China. By the way, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the first ever director of the WHO without a medical degree.

Show determination of a real leader, such as Carl Gustaf Mannerheim. A leader who is not afraid to make decisions, and does not worry what people and irresponsible media will say (”oh, let’s play it safe to avoid any complaints against us if someone dies now”; while those who die later will become the worries of the next leader).

Finland has always been an example of a harmonious attitude towards nature. So let’s continue to live in sync with nature, and not to battle with it through disinfection and isolation.

I am convinced that free people of Finland do not need the safety of an anthill depicted in G. Orwell’s novel “1984”!

Yours sincerely,

Ilya Nikitin, Ph. D.


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24 syyskuun, 2020

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