Open letter to Mr. Robert Prichard, chairman of the Bank of Montreal for the bank criminal investigation.

Robert Prichard
Bank of Montreal
100 King Street West
1 First Canadian Place, 21st Floor
Toronto, ON M5X 1A1

Dear Mr. Prichard,

I have to publish an Open Letter, because over the years of communicating with BMO, no one problem was solved. Actually, BMO did not recognize its illegal actions and stopped responding to my letters.

You are the Сhairman of the Bank of Montreal. BMO is one of the largest banks in North America. People respect you and your bank. They respect because they don’t know the truth about what happens behind closed doors of BMO.

In 2016, BMO released master card in my name. It was released by the people who worked in the BMO, because this master card did not come to my address. The one who received this card with the credit of $ 5,000 strangely spent only 1 thousand.

When BMO demanded that I pay debts on this master card, I explained that I was not a client of the bank, I did not order the card and never received it.

Obviously it was a crime. What they have to do in such case? They have to conduct investigations. It was enough to look at “my file” to understand that it was a crime within the bank.

What did your bank do? BMO transferred my file to a third party (my information without my permission). It was the information about me, which your bank employees stole from the Internet.

The third party – the collection agency called me every day for almost 3(!!!!) years, to get me to sign the document stating that I was the BMO customer. I find that way to fight with criminals rather strange. Mister Chairman answer me, please. Do the phone calls really scare away the fraudsters from the BMO?

I do not yet have information about how many crimes are committed by BMO against people. I hope a criminal investigation will reveal this information to us.

For me, BMO easily committed these crimes against me and I have proves for every single word.

o BMO violates fundamental citizen rights
– the bank in ultimate form demands the private information of people, who are not their clients. Otherwise, they promise to punish the person. (using collection agency, spoil credit story)

o BMO violates the Private Information Protection Act
– the bank gives the private information which it obtained through the fraud to a third party. (the bank gives the private information to the collection agency)

o BMO admits open extortion, which may last for years
– BMO calls on the phone every single day and demands the private information from the person, who are not the bank’s client. (in case of refuse to obtain the information, they promise to continue the calls as long as they like)

o BMO hides the crimes committed in the bank
– BMO insists to obtain the private information from the person, who was the victim of the fraud, instead of conducting an investigation into the fraudulent application. (the bank makes calls every single day during the years instead of fight with the criminal fraud that happen in the bank)

o BMO is open to commit fraud
– BMO tries to get signed the documents developed for the bank customers. At the same time the signing any such document would be fraudulent. The bank refuses to explain the purpose of that fraudulent application, substituting real information.

o BMO creates excellent conditions for criminal activities within the bank
– a MasterCard may be issued without documents confirming identity, address and income of the card owner. ( the scammers, who make the fraudulent credit cards into the bank, don’t send the credit cards to the destinations, but appropriate them inside the bank)

Over time, I corresponded a lot with BMO employees, believing that the bank is interested in stopping criminal activity in BMO and improving the legal framework for non-banking clients.
But most importantly, I tried to ensure that the BMO recognized its activities against me as illegal.

I exchanged dozens of letters with BMO staff:

  • Isabelle Gbezera
    Resolution and Compliance Specialist, Resolutions & Investigations Department
    Personal, Business Banking, Payment & Collection Operations (PBPCO)
  • Freddy Matondo
    Unit Manager, Resolutions and Investigations
    Personal, Business Banking, Payment & Collection Operations (PBPCO)
  • Emmanuel Excellent Gresser
    Coordinator / Coordinateur
    Office of the Ombudsman / Bureau de l’ombudsman
  • Lyndesay Haskell
    Manager, Executive Resolution Office
    NACCC Voice of the Customer

I tried to get an answer on what jurisdiction let BMO to violate articles of Canadian constitution, fundamental rights of citizens, criminal law and laws on private information.

All your employees answered that the internal regulations of the BMO gave them such a right.

This time I want to hear it from you, Mr. Chairman. For me, no one internal regulation can be over Canadian constitution.

Now you know why I insist on a criminal investigation against BMO crimes.

Thank you,

Boris Shvets



Posted on

May 10, 2020

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