Animal Torture in the eyes of Dr Sunny Handa MD

Animal inhumanity occurs in all places of the world. Disclosed instances of an offence are just the start of the iceberg as far as Dr Sunny Handa MD is concerned. There are hundreds or even thousands of incidents of abuse that go unreported. Men and women carry out violent and monstrous attacks on animals, domestic and stray. With over 70%, most documented animals are dogs, trailed by cats with just about 21%. But to Dr Handa, all sorts of animals are mistreated in various manners and he wants everybody to be aware of the signs and battle against animal inhumanity.

Understand Clues with Dr Sunny Handa MD

Inhumanity can take many different shapes. Ranging from negligence due to lack of education to premeditated torture like dogfighting. It is essential to examine both pets and their environment to determine if fault may be taking place. Disturbing, shy, and scared behavior can take place for several reasons other than abuse. For example, a dog that is being actively healed for a health condition may look ill at the beginning of their recovery process. The symptoms below can help you identify if the pet( s) you’ve watched could be casualties of inhumanity or negligence.

Physical signals of manhandling:

▪ Collar in the pet’s neck rooted so tight it is leading to a wound
▪ Open wounds, traces of various healed wounds, or a constant injury or health problem that aren’t alleviated
▪ Unattended skin conditions that have caused a deficit of hair, scaly skin, bumps or rashes
▪ Flea, tick or other outside parasite infestation of the fur
▪ Areas of bumpy, flaky skin breakouts
▪ Signs of deficient grooming; matted hair, overgrown nails, dirty coat
▪ Limping or the inability to wander or stand normally
▪ Extraordinary physical weakness
▪ Intense discharge from eyes or nose
▪ Noted beating or other signs of physical maltreatment
▪ Visible signs of complication or excessive sleepiness
▪ Pets are visibly thin
▪ Pets that act aggressively to their owners and other people

Dr Handa MD compels everyone to keep an eye on these kinds of signals and to report animal abuse as soon as achievable. He concludes that courts and legal officials need to take charges more seriously and be more rigorous on repeat offenders.

It is time we started looking out for our furry family members considering that they do not have a voice. Dr Handa also encourages charity support.

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